Mobile Apps for Covid-19

Best Mobile Apps for Covid-19

Best Mobile Apps
for Covid-19

Mobile Apps for Covid-19

There has been several attempts to “flatten the curve” of Covid-19 cases.

Among these technologies were mobile apps for Covid-19.

Mobile Apps for Covid-19



Without a doubt, mobile apps have seen a significant shift in recent years.

From apps for fun and various activities, to an essential tool for containing the virus.

Organizations and tech companies all over the world are racing to develop mobile apps for Covid-19.

In an attempt to help lower the risk of “COVID-19” infection; whether by detecting the virus or tracking it. And through some instructions that you follow, all the features will be in your hands. 

Most of these apps use the “Bluetooth” signals to locate virus carriers around the user.

This will track the virus’ spread through the contact information. Then the user will have to share the information with the relevant medical and government authorities.

Google and Apple collaborated to develop new technology for their users. By using Bluetooth and GPS to track contacts. It will alert people if they are near other people who have been infected with Covid-19 before.

How does Contact Tracing Mobile Apps for COVID-19 work?

The idea of COVID-19 contact tracing mobile apps is simple; people who come into direct contact with someone infected with COVID-19 are at risk of being infected.

iPhone and Android users must allow ‘Bluetooth’ on their devices so that they can use the mobile apps for COVID-19.

So, when two people meet, their phones will exchange a specific digital key. This key identifies the phone. When people share their data, the phone will check the list once a day for key matches.

What are the challenges facing Contact Tracing Mobile Apps for COVID-19?

The ability to use these applications has raised privacy concerns. However, the main question is whether or not this technology actually works.

For one thing, there must be enough people who agree to  use the app. And to agree to let the app track them at at times. Plus. the Bluetooth connection range is up to 30 feet, which is much more than the recommended social distancing rules.

As a result, your phone can connect via Bluetooth with many people who are a long distance away from you.
Even if you’re at home, you can get dozens of Bluetooth connections from neighbors in the next building.

Here are the top ten Mobile Apps for Covid-19:


1. Apple COVID-19 App

Apple launched the app to keep users up to date with the latest developments of Covid-19.

Supported by health instructions issued by the (CDC) and other reliable sources.
This application’s primary goal is to assist the users in determining the extent of their exposure to COVID-19 infection.

In addition, provide instructions about the tests that must be done in the case of a suspected infection.

Download: IOS


2. Al Hosn App:

This app is the Ministry of Health and Prevention’s official COVID-19 testing channel for the UAE’s health authorities.

The app offers both awareness and protection features. Allowing people to feel more at ease in public places and safely engage with others.

The app uses Bluetooth signals. To confirm whether the person is close to people who have tested positive for Covid-19.

They must, however, have the same application on their mobile phones.

Download: IOS – Android

3. OpenWHO App

The”WHO” (World Health Orgainization) has launched an application that provides users with health educational materials.

These include short video presentations, and a dedicated discussion forum. Interaction with other participants and experts from around the world is also included.According to the “WHO,” the application helps users understand how to deal with epidemic outbreaks such as Corona.

Download: IOS – Android

4. CDC App

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) launched this app to provide updates on virus prevention and control, including Covid-19.

The app presents the information in many formats. Including news stories, video clips, weekly newsletters, and a periodical magazine.

Download: IOS – Android

5. TraceTogether App

Singapore developed this application. TraceTogether App is a tracking app that records the device’s history and contact information.

The application belongs to the contact tracing app group.

Later, If the smartphone’s owner tested positive for COVID-19, the TraceTogether App will keep track of it.

In light of this, the application uses Bluetooth to track users’ locations and proximity to other people.
And then, it notifies people who have been in contact with a confirmed case. Next, it identifies potential virus outbreak areas.

Download: IOS – Android

6. Home Quarantine App

This is a Polish quarantine-enforcement application. The application belongs to the contact tracing app group.

It follows people who are subjected to a mandatory 14-day quarantine. And it allows users to send personal photos to authorities to notify them that they are staying home.

This app uses location and facial recognition to locate isolated users. So, authorities make sure they stay at home as required.

Download: IOSAndroid

7. MyChart app

MyChart app helps if you are looking for proper treatment to relieve covid-19 infection symptoms. It helps to manage treatment for yourself and family members in a more convenient way.

This is in addition to providing information with which you can test the health of your immune system. And to be aware of the chance of having some other health issues.

Download: IOS – Android

8. The Coronavirus app

One of the best Covid-19 apps that show the latest COVID-19 developments around the world.

Users get an interactive map in this application. Which, as reported by countries, shows official statistics for the virus’s death toll.

Download: App

9. COVID Alert app (Canada)

COVID Alert is a free COVID-19 exposure alert app available in Canada. It will alert you about potential exposures before you develop symptoms.

COVID Alert connects with nearby phones via Bluetooth to swap random codes. It does not use or view any location data. COVID Alert works by measuring the distance between two phones based on the frequency of their Bluetooth signal.

Download: IOS – Android

10. Canada COVID-19 (Canada)

An app for tracking your symptoms, receiving COVID-19 alerts, and access to reliable resources.

With the (Canada COVID-19) app, you can receive timely updates with relevant news. Also, alerts from Canada’s Ministry of Health regarding the virus.

Only your age, postal code, and device location will be required. Your data will be combined with all the user data and used to provide details on the regional COVID-19 response. And then let you receive location-based alerts.

Download: IOS – Android

Mobile Apps for Covid-19


Are Mobile Apps for Covid-19 helpful?

Mobile apps for coronavirius can help to control an epidemic only if enough people use contact tracing apps. 

In short, we expect that mobile apps might limit the virus in the coming months. However, without an effective vaccine, all attempts are welcomed (and encouraged!) until further notice.

COVID Alert App

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